Car Seats

At A3BabyBarn we have a large selection of car seats for all ages – from birth right through to 12 years old.

If you travel by car a lot then a car seat you can click on/off is a good option.

We can also check if you have isofix in your car.

Check the manufacturer’s guide to make sure the car seat is approved for your car.

We are trained by all the leading car seat manufacturers and are happy to give you all the advice you need.

We know it can be very overwhelming so we can help narrow it down until we’ve found the right option for you.

​Your baby will be rearward facing in the car for at least 15months – so a mirror is helpful to see what they’re up to!

We would always recommend that your child seat is in the back of the car on the passenger side – this is the most common side to pull up at curbs so safer for getting your little one in and out of the car.

If you don’t use the car very often or are happy to have a fixed car seat then we also have options available too.

With the rotational seats, it is much easier to get your little one out of the car as you can turn them to face you.

This is very helpful once your baby gets bigger especially if they aren’t the biggest fan of going in the car.

We also stock group 1/2/3 car seats with harnesses. These tend to be suitable from around a year old and last until your child is 12 years of age.

We have a wide range of high back boosters which go from 15kg to 36kg (3.5years to 12years old) – we would always recommend using a high back booster as it allows correct placement of the seatbelt position against your child.

For all car seat enquiries, either pop down in-store to get expert knowledge, check the fit in your car and help with installation. Alternatively, give us a call on 0208 398 3114 or drop us an email on for more information.