Home and Nursery

At A3BabyBarn we have a large home & nursery area upstairs.

We know that most of our customers like to have a co-sleeper in their room at least for the first 6 months.

We have a variety of options, whether you’re wanting a bedside crib or a moses basket.

Moses baskets are a traditional option and don’t last as long as a bedside crib, but they are a good option for downstairs use.

We can order from any of the ranges we stock – Ickle Bubba, East Coast and Snuz.

Whether you’re looking for a complete 3pc roomset, cotbed and changer or just a cot.

A bouncer or swing is handy to have for those times a parent needs their hands free.

Whether your breast or bottle feeding, a nice comfy nursing pillow is always good to have.

For peace of mind and to keep an eye on your little one while at home or away.

Whether you’re wanting an audio, video or heart rate/oxygen level tracker, we have options to suit your needs.

For nights away to keep your baby cosy and comfy – a home away from home.