Bizzi Growin is a brand woven from the right heritage of Northern England’s textile industry. Our grandparents worked in the same cotton mills our business is now based, and our families have lived for centuries in the Lancashire mill towns we call home.

The ideals that powered the textile revolution – innovation, integrity, creativity and old-fashioned hard work – are stitched into the very fabric of every product, every range and every item we create.

We started by spotting a gap in the market. Nursery products tended to be colourful but cheap or durable but unappealing, so we figured: why not both? Marrying trendy styles with high-quality materials an innovative designs, we stepped confidently into that gap, creating fun, fashionable but also functional products that appealed to busy parents

Bizzi Growin began with a single suitcase of samples and bag loads of enthusiasm. Using our 25 years’ experience in the industry, we got a foot in the door with Tesco and Next, and from there we continued with our brand into every major nursery outlet on the high street.

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