Welcome to CuddleCo, a place to create the most perfect nursery environment for you and your child.

From small beginnings and big dreams, CuddleCo’s journey began with the award winning Comfi-Cush Stroller Liner. We wanted to put comfort on par with convenience and create something to keep our little ones comfy all day long. After all, happy babies = happy parents!

So, we used our experience in textiles and materials to create a stroller liner with a difference. Using super supportive memory foam, the Comfi-Cush was born, offering unrivalled impact cushioning along with amazing anatomical benefits. Soon our Comfi-Cush was winning awards, and as our knowledge and expertise grew, so did our product offering.

Since then we have taken that knowledge and expertise and expanded into Mattresses and Furniture, picking up new awards along the way.

We are proud to deliver safe, affordable and stylish essentials that are made to last.

We understand that every parent wants the best for their baby and so all of our products are designed and thoroughly tested here in the UK.

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