Dew Products are Truly Eco Friendly which is what sets us apart from other eco brands. We are a Scottish company starting an eco-cleaning revolution from the city that brought you Jute, Jam & Journalism: sunny Dundee. With an Eco-Friendly, Green vision for the future, powered by Electrolysed water.

We take a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt and apply a small electrical charge to every water molecule.

This divides the brine solution into two highly versatile liquids, each with either a positive or negative charge.

The negative charge creates a liquid highly versatile for cleaning and degreasing applications.

The positive charge creates a sanitising liquid that is 80 times more effective than alcohol or bleach at destroying bacteria and viruses.
Cleaning just got Supercharged. We have taken out harmful chemicals and we have replaced them with a small electrical charge on each water molecule, the results are amazing. Dew cuts through grease and grime without harming you or yours. No need for gloves, just spray on leave for a minute or two and wipe.

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