phil&teds® is celebrating 25 years of designing leading edge baby gear, after opening its doors from a Wellington garage in the mid-90s.
Chief cook & bottle washer, Campbell Gower, says this is a huge milestone for the award-winning nursery brand. ‘We’ve come a long way from those humble beginnings. In the space of over two decades, the right insight and talent from a terrific team to create a uniquely appealing product set, and a brand that resonates with both mums and dads, has enabled us to help a million parents around the world adapt&survive their parenting day.”

phil&teds is an award-winning international company that’s proud to be one of the world’s leading inventors, designers and marketers of juvenile products. Through our high performance culture, we’ve built up global relationships with our customers inspiring parents to escape nursery jail and live life without limit.
We’ve been making kids stuff for over 25 years now, across three great brands: phil&teds, Mountain Buggy and Mokopuna. From New Zealand to Norway, our products are in over 40 markets and +1000 stores worldwide.
Our company has received more business, consumer and industry awards than you can shake a stick at, including three internationally acclaimed Red Dot design awards and 56 patents. phil&teds’ experience, combined with high performance culture, ensure our products – from buggies to booties – cut through the clutter of the crowded nursery channel.

Excellence in product design is at the heart of everything we do. Our world-class engineers and product developers have forged a global reputation for original and innovative invention. We have been awarded 56 patents globally – an official recognition for being the inventors of solutions never seen before!
At the heart of our product development, we always ask – “what do parents need to escape the nursery jail?” Well, we’re a team of parents too, and our parenting moments in our day-to-day lives provides the scintilla for these new exciting ideas. When we wish something existed – Eureka!, and we bring it to life through world-class engineering and rigorous testing by real parents.
We’re proud of our track record of being the original inventors of numerous patented innovations, and continue to invent practical and effective solutions for parents all over the world that parents never thought they needed!

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