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With such a huge variety available choosing the right pushchairs for your new baby is a daunting task.

Here at A3BabyBarn we will guide you through the many models on the market and help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget.

You will need to consider many aspects of your lifestyle

How big is the boot of your car?

Where will you store your pushchair in the home, and what terrain will you be walking over etc.

The right pushchair should last you up to 3 years and be suitable for your lifestyle.

​How about the weight of the pushchair, are you able to lift it in and out of a car or on and off public transport?

Will it fit in your boot or in the case of a double pushchair will it fit through your front door?

How easy is the folding mechanism, can it be folded with one hand?

And if you plan to do a lot of walking or if you live near the river or park then a 3 wheeler might be right for you.

However if you are in/out of the car and around town then a light-weight stroller may be right for you.

And at A3BabyBarn we can help you with all of this – you can park right outside to door so we can try pushchairs in your boot.

With the wide choice of prams on display that only an independent retailer can offer, we can find the right pushchair for you.